About Sheldon

Sheldon is a 33 Year old Mum, Wife and Artist from the beautiful NSW South Coast of Australia, she lives and creates in a little sea side town called Kiama. She is a lover of all things big, bold and colourful, especially purple. She spends her days juggling her life as a mum to 2 very energetic boys and creating beautiful unique art in her home art studio. Sheldon thinks of herself as an intuitive abstract mixed media artist, she follows her intuition and lets each artwork guide her in the right direction until it feels complete. 

Sheldon's love of art started at a very young age, she took her first ever Pottery and Art class at her local Art Gallery when she was only 5 years old and since then her love and passion for art has only grown, she continued to explore her artistic talents throughout her school years and into adulthood. She is mostly self taught but has also studied via some amazing Australian and International Artists. 

At 21 years old, after many years of being unwell, Sheldon was diagnosed with a rare degenerative invisible illness called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which causes every joint in her body to dislocate along with multiple other health complications, this has unfortunately impacted Sheldon's ability to create in a lot of ways and so over the years as her disability has progressed she has adapted her art style and found new and exciting methods that allow her to still create beautiful pieces whilst not causing as much damage to her body.

 This is where her love of abstract and "flow" arts has really flourished, she has pushed her creative boundaries in more ways than she ever expected to whilst still feeling free to express herself and show her love of big, bold and colourful art...she still enjoys painting, drawing & more disciplined arts but these pieces are now more limited as they take a much higher toll on her body. 

Originally Sheldon only intended to create because it was what made her soul happy, its her passion and love but after slowly getting the courage up to share her work with friends and family she found others fell in love with her work too and so in recent years Sheldon has turned her hobby into a thriving little business that she works in around her life as a busy full time mum.

Sheldon loves to share glimpses of her process on social media, if you wish to see behind the scenes and watch some of her works come to life head on over to:

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Sheldon Watts the artist stands holding a purple. pink and green artwork.